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Equine-Assisted Creativity: Discovering Nature Creativity Horses and You

"I love Creeare Ranch. It's been over a year that I have attended gatherings and workshops there and each one just gets better and better! Join in the fun...remember, Creeare means create in Latin and my creativity is soaring!"
Peggy Wells

" 'I am a Horse' was a wonderful experience to learn from Kim by surrounding myself with her beautiful horses. Her ability to explain what the horses were showing me was amazing. The evening was a fun combination of art, introspection and exercises in the arena that was very inspirational and enlightening."
Tamara Tennant

"Thank you so much for the Artist's Way class you hosted. I am still amazed by the positive changes that I have gone through since attending this class. In just 12 weeks, I went from being depressed and feeling powerless to feeling hopeful and motivated to change what I did not like about my life. I went into the class expecting some good to come out of it but I never imagined how much of a difference it could make. I left a relationship that was not right for me AND I found a job that pays the same amount but is MUCH less stressful. The best part is that the changes, once started, have continued and my life keeps getting better. The open accepting atmosphere of the class was amazing. I had not been with a group of people before where I could let my creative side out and not worry about being accepted. Your nurturing of the idea that each of us is wonderful in our own way really makes this class stand out. The creative exercises were not only fun but also brought unexpected insights. This class is not just for writers, painters, or other artistic pursuits but for anyone who feels that their life could be better. Thank you from my heart!"


Horses Teach People about Themselves

Horses can be powerful tools in promoting emotional growth and mental well-being. These amazingly intuitive and caring animals mirror our own internal processes, giving immediate and direct feedback on our intentions and behaviors. Our Equine-Assisted Creativity Programs tap into the power of the horse to help adults unleash their creativity and unlock their full potential. For children and young people, partnering with horses teaches important life skills, building character traits that guide them to become empowered adults who will make responsible choices throughout life. All programs emphasize a connection to nature and the natural world.

If you want to expand your horizons, become empowered, or launch a personal development plan, Creeare Ranch LLC, located in Columbia City, Indiana, is the place to start. Please contact us for more information.

Creeare Ranch Uses Horses Because They Help You

  • Address Fears
  • Develop Self-Control
  • Improve Attention and Concentration
  • Improve Communication and Teamwork
  • Improve Judgment and Reasoning Skills
  • Increase Sense of Responsibility
  • Keep on Task and Stay Engaged
  • Master a Difficult Task

If your life isn't where it needs to be, Creeare Ranch LLC can help.

*Creeare Ranch is not a riding school. We do not offer pony rides.

How to Schedule a Birthday Party or Celebration of any kind at Creeare Ranch

1. Call 229-248-8433 or email to set date and time
2. Choose from list of creative adventures/activities, 4 that your child would like to do
3. Choose one character trait as focus for party, ex: patience, courage, or etc.
4. Creeare will email release waivers to be filled out by all participants parents ( A MUST FOR PARTICIPATION)
5. Bring a gift for animal in need to be given in honor of birthday person (humane society or horse rescue)
6. Day of Party

a. bring signed releases.
b. shoes or boots a must -- small supply     of used boots
c. parents, grandparents, or adults to    .help with party - min of 2
d. gift for animal in need e. payment $150

7. Any questions: call 260-248-8433 or text 260-229-0874
8. Email or text me your creative adventure/activity choices and character trait before party so preparations can be made



August 17th
Drumming circle and New Moon Council of the Horse Celebration at 6:45 Pm Friday

Please arrive at that time to prepare to start at 7. Always bring with you your new intentions for your life. What would you like to change or begin. Donations are cost.